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Franchise + Concession Partnerships

Bring people together at your venue

The Gamebox experience is where the magic happens.  You can now bring the Electric Gamebox experience to your venue via our concessions program. Electric Gamebox is working with select partners to install Gameboxes at their locations.

EGB concessions bring new audiences, increased footfall, and exciting content technology to locations across the Globe. 
With an EGB Concession, your guests enter a digital room featuring projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound, to enjoy a hyper-immersive, 60 minute game for up to 6 people (per Gamebox). Whether customers choose to be graded by aliens, search for rare martian minerals or save the Queen’s corgis, at Electric Gamebox, we bring people together through shared play and a mission to reinvent how we play video games.

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Why Electric Gamebox?

Increase yield
Wow guests
Host ever-changing content bringing people back again

Our Games

Our in-house content team dream up incredible, engaging worlds for your guests to explore

    "We had a BLAST! So glad we found it. It was well worth the money!"

    Tripadvisor user

    "Amazing fun, never seen anything like this before! One of the most unique things I've tried in London."

    Sian Elving, Google

    "What a fun experience! This is a perfect place for a team building experience, it's definitely a Lot of laughs!"

    Linh Q, Yelp



Each Gamebox is 10.5ft x 11.5ft x 11.4ft, with additional height required for Electric Gamebox signage above the units. 2-4 Gameboxes per venue and around 300-400 sqft footprint.


Example layout of an EGB owned location.



  • Space Requirements: Appr. 400 sq ft (2×12 ft + extra space) and 12ft clear ceiling heights
  • Power Requirements:
    US: Electricity: 3-phase incoming, 2 game boxes installed: 4 x NEMA L6-20’s with 208V on them, at 12A
  • HVAC Requirements: Temperature-controlled room with HVAC
  • Internet Requirements: 1x RJ45 8P8P cat 5 or 6.
  • Staffing requirements: <1 staff member per 5 Game boxes
Patented Tech Platform
Low Capex, low opex, high margin
Broad audience, families, friends, Corporates + tourists
  • Worldwide Opportunities

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