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Franchise + Concession Partnerships

Bring people together at your venue

Founded by the team behind Tough Mudder, the Electric Gamebox experience is reinventing how we play video games. Now we’re inviting franchisees to join us in bringing this unique gameplay to cities across the world.


Our patented technology keeps players immersed in the games while the automation layer means you can concentrate on running your broader business, knowing that your guests will be hooked by the Gamebox experience.

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The Experience

Guests are immersed in a fully digital world, featuring projection touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound, to feel like they’ve stepped into the game – without the need for bulky VR headsets.



1. Drive repeat business

New attractions and games drive repeat business, vs once and done experiences


2. Repurposing space

Allows for repurposing of space post-pandemic or new use of any space


3. Easy to operate

Only one staff member required on-site


4. Remote monitoring and support

Guest satisfaction is monitored in real-time via our proprietary tech platform, allowing for quick problem fixing. 


5. In it together

Ticket revenue typically split 50:50


Technical details

Each Gamebox is approximately 12x12x12 ft, with additional height required for Electric Gamebox signage above the units. A typical concession venue includes 2-4 Gameboxes and a small reception area, resulting in a 300-600 sq ft footprint.

Register your interest

As demand grows globally, we’re offering Franchising opportunities to highly qualified operators in target locations. You must have at least $200,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of $1 Million to qualify for an Electric Gamebox franchise. Please only request information if you meet these requirements.

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