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Franchise + Concession Partnerships

Bring a Theme park in a box to your market

Electric Gamebox brings a fun, shared, social experience for friends and family to thousands of players across the US and UK.


In addition to our owned-operated sites, we work with select partners to bring the Gamebox experience to their markets, through Concession partnerships and Franchising.


Concessions partners are operators of movie-theaters, Family entertainment centers (FECs), bowling alleys or other live entertainment spaces. We work with these partners to install Gameboxes into their venues, and license EGB content for their guests to play.


Outside of the US, we offer franchise partnerships for experienced multi-unit franchisees to operate Electric Gamebox brand sites in their markets.

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    Electric Gamebox appeals to a wide and diverse demographic. Our extensive library of content appeals to a wide customer base, and is regularly updated- meaning customers return frequently to try new titles and master favourites


    Gameboxes require minimal space beyond the box, and can be installed in as little as 3 days, thereby increasing the revenue per foot of your site. Installation is flexible, allowing existing lobbies, escape games or other attractions to be repurposed as a Gamebox.


    A single staff member can operate a full 10-Gamebox unit, keeping operating expenses (OpEx) low. Concessionaires can typically repurpose existing staff to manage a Gamebox concession, meaning the additional revenue is virtually cost free! Gameboxes are delivered ready to be installed by approved vendors, meaning venue build-out and tech install can take as little as 3 days.


    Guest satisfaction is high- but we don’t rest on our laurels. Our proprietary tech platform, allows us to track performance in real time. Our proprietary algorithms detect issues automatically, maximizing the potential for a positive staff intervention. Technical solutions can be deployed remotely, and all Gamebox software support is handled by our round-the-clock support team


    You purchase the hardware and we provide the software and content with regular game releases, and the ability to work with licensed content partners to bring 3rd party IP to life. All with a typical ticket revenue split of 50:50. Concessionaires typically see payback periods of less than 12 months.

Concession and Franchising Opportunities

EGB has brought its “themepark in a box” to Concession partners in the US and the UK, with franchise sites due to open in 2022. We would love to talk to existing entertainment operators who want to bring the Gamebox experience to their locations and expereinced multi-unit franchisees (outside the US) looking to expand into the dynamic location-based entertainment market.


Top locations still available



Site and Technical Requirements


  • The compact size of EGB’s “Themepark in a box” turns 40-70 sq. m (450-750 sq ft) of space into a high-yield installation with constantly updating content.
  • EGB supplies Gameboxes as a pre-fabricated kit that can be installed in 3 days.
  • The kits are specifically designed to house the patented EGB technology pack, making the technical install plug-and-play.
  • Each Gamebox is measures 3.6m x 3.6m x 3.6m (12x12x12 ft), with a typical concession housing 3-5 Gameboxes per site.
  • Additional height is required for Electric Gamebox signage above the boxes.
  • Electrical requirements are 3-phase incoming and 150A for 8 gameboxes
  • HVAC requirements typically leverage existing ambient systems.
  • Gameboxes can be installed to fit most fire safety systems
  • Dedicated internet line is required for ongoing support provided by EGB




Venture Beat: “The experience is part of a new genre of group entertainment where teams are put through a series of different games and challenges that can only be successfully completed through collaboration.”


Dallas Morning News ($): “Electric Gamebox is the digital escape room like experience you’re about to see everywhere”


Essex Live: “The games, the theme, the music – everything was incredible, it left us mesmerized!”


BBC Click (From Dec 2020):


YouTube video



    "This is such a fun experience! My son and Husband and I really enjoyed it! We will definitely be back!"

    Marsha, TripAdvisor

    October 2021
    "Worth the money. Time flies because it is so much fun and works your brain and muscles out! Must try!"

    Ester, Google Reviews

    October 2021
    "Something different for date night. We booked not knowing what to expect but it was an awesome experience!"

    Liam, TripAdvisor

    September 2021
    "Staff were really helpful and friendly and the place was sparkling clean."

    Abigail, Google Reviews

    October 2021
    "Great experience, completely unique type of activity but one that everyone could enjoy. 10/10 would recommend to anyone."

    Josh, Google Reviews

    September 2021

What is the difference between an EGB concession and a franchise site?

Our concession business model is designed to bring 2-5 Gameboxes to an existing venue, for example a Family Entertainment Centre, a movie theater or a bowling venue. A franchise site is where a third party (a franchisee) opens their own Electric Gamebox site, that is run in accordance with an agreed set of rules and procedures. We currently have opportunities for both models in major cities globally, with franchises only available outside the US.

What is an ideal partner for an EGB concession?

We are looking for operators of existing successful entertainment locations, with the resources and entrepreneurial embition to make the EGB concession a success. You will bring: a) The space and services for connection b) Staff to be trained in operating and optiminzing an EGB Concession c) A detailed knowledge of your customers and their journey, so we can best position the EGB for success

Who is an ideal partner for an EGB franchise?

We are looking for experienced operators of multi-site businesses, ideally those with experience as a Master franchisee or franchise developer for a brand in retail, hospitality or entertainment. Your experience does not necessarily need to be in location-based entertainment.

What investment is required for an Electric Gamebox franchise unit?

You will need to be well-funded with the financial capability to launch and grow your Electric Gamebox franchise. The up-front capital requirement will include a Franchise Fee of £40,000 and investment in the Technical Pack (hardware required to operate an Electric Gamebox) of approximately £300,000, per unit. Other fees related to the ongoing operations of an Electric Gamebox include game content, booking and payment platform and marketing. Exclusivity fees may be applicable for international markets and territories.

Is financial assistance available to purchase a franchise?

Direct financial assistance is not available from Electric Gamebox. However, we are able to support third-party applications (via banks and other lenders) in your territory

Can I have more than one location/one area/one territory?

Definitely. We are particularly keen to speak to partners who wish to develop multiple Electric Gamebox units. For international markets and territories, we are seeking Master Franchisees with associated development agreements.

If I am interested in a specific location or market, how can I find out what is available?

Jump to the ‘Apply Now’ section of this site and let us know! You can give us further details on what location or market interests you and we’ll take confirm availability when we dicusss the opportunity with you.

What is the typical size of an Electric Gamebox unit or concession?

Electric Gamebox fits in compact 3,000-4,000 square feet (280-370 square metres) retail units. EGB Concessions are typically 4 to 5 Gameboxes in size, which requires 40-70 sq. m (450-750 sq ft.)

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