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We are Electric Gamebox

With a vision to build the platform for immersive entertainment, we use best-in-class technology to create immersive group gaming in the world’s smartest room to share with friends and family. Founded by Will Dean, the man behind Tough Mudder, and David Spindler, who conceived and launched the Tough Mudder Bootcamp franchise, Electric Gamebox is founded on the belief that technology should bring people together, rather than drive them apart.

Our Mission


Our mission is to reinvent how we play video games. Electric Gamebox asserts that play is about much more than just having fun. Shared play in particular has the power to bring us together, create bonds and remind us of what it means to be human. We’re challenging the ever-increasing issue of social isolation caused by technology and flipping it on its head. We’re aspiring to make technology work for us collectively, using it to create social experiences that foster positively impactful habits.
Find out more about what we are and how we do it from BBC Click’s Chris Fox here who visited us in December 2020.

Choose Your Game

  • Angry Birds

    Presale now available from June 29. Play the first ever multiplayer Angry Birds slingshot game! Grab your friends and family to play our life-sized Angry Birds game. Using 3D motion tracking and touch screens, two players at a time will control the slingshots to launch all your favourite Angry Birds from both sides and take down The King Pig once and for all. With over 50 levels to play, this game is perfect for groups of adult friends, and families with kids aged 5 and over.

  • Alien Aptitude Test: London '84

    It’s 1984, the aliens have taken over Britain, and they’re moving on to the next step of their invasion; grading the humans to see who is worth keeping around. Can you survive the scrutiny of these extraterrestrials as they grade your group from E- to A+?

  • Junior Bundle

    Experience two different 15 minute games, made specially for families with younger children aged 5-9. Start with Tip Tap Memory Challenge, a puzzle solving adventure where you work as a team to put your memory to the test. Once you're warmed up you'll then enter the Temple of Coins, an action packed dash to collect as many coins as you can before the timer runs out.

  • Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps

    You’ve been invited to take part in the next Mossy Bottom Championsheeps event! Join Shaun and the flock in a series of interactive games inspired by sporting events around the farm, and work as a team to win. Fun for all ages!

  • Block Smash Mania

    This is arcade gaming like our parents never imagined. Your body becomes the controller for 15 minutes of action packed 80s inspired fun. Keep the ball in play, smash the blocks, ace the high score.

  • James Bunny: Casino Tropicale

    Agent James Bunny, we have a mission for you. Our intel suggests that Francisco Salamander, notorious mafia boss, is using the shady Casino Tropicale as a front for his criminal activities. Your mission: infiltrate the casino, find out what Salamander’s up to, and take down the operation from within. This is a challenging game, recommended for people aged 12+ who have played at Electric Gamebox before.

  • Psychedelic Mansion

    THIS IS A CIA TRAINING PROGRAM. Test your suitability for a career in international espionage with 4 different types of evaluation. You have an hour to complete as many levels as you can. Welcome, agents, to Psychedelic Mansion. This is a challenging game, recommended for people aged 12+ who have played at Electric Gamebox before.

  • Tip Tap Memory Challenge

    Work as a team, and put your memory to the test, in Tip Tap Memory Challenge! Remember the target shapes, and keep your eyes on the prize as they shuffle around the room... Recommended for kids aged 5-7, but fun for the whole family!

  • Temple of Coins Junior

    Step into the Temple of Coins with your family, and collect as many coins as you can in this action-packed 15-minute game. Recommended for kids aged 5-9, but fun for the whole family!

  • Temple of Coins

    In this quick fire 30 minute adventure you'll dodge ghosts, supercharge on power ups and collect coins as you and your team make your way through the temple.

  • Ticket to Mars

    Tech billionaires have founded a new colony on Mars. Can you help with humanity's fresh start by mining enough Elonium (most humbly named by Elon Musk) and set up the largest colony possible? Blast off to the red planet today!

  • Trivia Mashup

    Ditch trivia night for a digital upgrade and take your place on the panel of this immersive intergalactic game show. Hosted by Bernie Brainbox, you will work as a team to impress the adoring alien audience - and your mates, dates or family - with your trivia knowledge. Show off your smarts and put Einstein to shame when you claim your spot on the leaderboard. Will your team be ranked #1? There’s only one way to find out. Best for large groups, or people seeking a less physical game.

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